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Traditional Retainer

An agreement where one-third of the anticipated fee is paid to our firm at the time the contract is signed.  

The second one-third payment is payable in thirty days from the acceptance of the contract. 

The remaining one-third is payable within ten days of the candidate's start date, even if position is filled from another source -- in-house or from a different agency.  The full three payments must be paid to our firm in any case. 

Our firm will devote full-time to a Retained Search. There is no time limit for our firm to fill this position.  If our client desires a time limit, it must be agreed upon by both parties during negotiations and become a part of the signed contract.

Any travel, meal, or lodging expenses incurred on behalf of the recruitment effort (as requested by the client) will be billed to the client upon incurrence, and must be paid within 10 days.


Contingency Search

No fee is paid to our firm unless our candidate is hired.  Payment is due within ten days of the candidate's start date.  We must be notified how many employment firms are being asked to fill this opening so that we can appropriately assign the number of our search agents to this Contingency Search. 

Please note that because this search is a Contingency assignment, with no advance payment to us, we will devote an equal amount of time to all of our current in-house Contingency Searches.  This is in contrast to a Retained Search, where we are paid monies in advance and devote our full-time efforts.