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With over 20 years of experience in the executive search and technical recruiting business, Paul Day and Associates provides professional, individualized, results-oriented assistance to our clients on a confidential basis. With our extensive experience in the high-tech telecommunications, aircraft/aerospace, and electrical utility industries, as well as in many others, we are able to quickly and efficiently identify, contact, screen and facilitate the employment of qualified applicants with professionalism, confidentiality and tact.

Why Use a Search Firm?

We know that a company's key method of attracting talent, other than using a search firm, is through placing ads. We also know that most often the best-qualified candidates are not even looking at classified ads. They must be located, then attracted to your company and to the career opportunity. This where a good Executive Search firm is needed.  Plus, the recruiting process using classified ads can be very expensive for a company. The time spent preparing the ads and screening the resumes, the involvement of hiring managers in the recruiting process, and the cost to the company of not filling the position in a timely fashion are real and significant expenses.

We can ensure that your managers are free to do their normal work, while we do the extensive work of bringing in top-quality talent.


Did you know - the average American has 8-10 jobs and 2-3 career changes during their lifetime?


 Planning your career should be viewed as an ongoing process – not a one-time event.  A job means many things – of course it is a way to earn money and be productive, but it is also often a vehicle for greater community participation, personal relationships, and, in so many ways, an enhanced quality of life.  A change in plans by the job seeker is natural, healthy, expected, and encouraged.  After all, people’s goals and preferences change over time.


Career planning is an evolving process, one that encourages change and growth.  If you have responsibilities you must take care of them...however, that doesn't mean you need to suffer by being stuck in a job you hate. 


Go ahead and look for a different position.  After all, if you are successful, you can change your circumstances.  Remember, you are no worse off for looking.


And remember, if you have a well-paid job you are far more likely to land another job while you are still employed.


Working with an employment specialist is an essential part of your job search.  The specialist will need to gather information such as what choices the job seeker has made, why they made those choices, what has influenced them, and why they liked or disliked certain activities.  And, of course, the specialist needs to be ready to probe with many questions.  For the job seeker it is often difficult to gather all of the information about a job before deciding to make a commitment.  That is where the employment specialist comes into play.  There is no magic formula that will distinguish between making a sensible compromise and settling for an unacceptable job offer.  It takes a good working relationship with the job seeker and potential employer, as well as the ability on the part of the service provider to give advice, while respecting the job seeker's ultimate responsibility to make his or her own life choices and compromises.  People make compromises all the time in life choices, and job choices are no different.


And remember, when a company receives a pile of resumes, they are looking for ways to reject them. The employment specialist will ensure that this does not happen to you.  Companies depend on the employment specialist to make recommendations and send them qualified applicants.  Good luck!

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